Are the internet and social media sites changing the way we speak or communicate offline? What or who we speak about?

Do or will the ways in which some of us have incorporated numerous online platforms for interaction or mingling into our everyday lives have(having) residual effects  on real world socializing?

If you’ve ever found yourself or someone your talking to using “internet slang” as acceptable terminology or even had an entire discussion about something that’s happening,was posted, etc. on Facebook,twitter, or any other of the social networks, then it’s already happening! However, for some, I would go so far as to say it’s even made most exchanges more concise and to the point like those that occur online. Here’s an entire index of online information and content about how the internet is changing the way we think.

Should we now be weary at all times of the things we say and do ending up online in the form of a viral video or popular blog’s post? How often do people sound like a “broken record” asking questions or referring to things you’ve already discussed online? There are a number of similar questions seemingly entering into the average internet users’ psyche. These inquiries only begin to scratch the surface of the things we must now consider in our daily routine on and offline.

If you have the time, this video gives people a lot to think about as far as the way our modern society is connected and the actual degree to which social or general media and the internet are connecting us globally more than you may have ever realized. Specifically focusing on Youtube.

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