In the vein of E.M. Foster’s novel Howard’s End: “Only Connect!” because as his own sentiments reflect; “Nonsense and beauty have close connections.” The internet is and can be a unique instrument for equality between countries, races, genders, and essentially anything if properly utilized.

Though I currently do not have a account set-up. I think this commercial below provides an excellent example of the way the internet could be used to change the world or more specifically can considerably improve humanitarian efforts the world over. Something I personally have a vested interest in.


With the advent and continual improvement in being provided instantaneous news; as well as video for almost every incident, it is now harder to remain apathetic to the injustices and inadequacies suffered throughout the world. Here’s another post by someone known as Runaway Jane about how the internet is changing the world.

Another interesting individual offering insights in this area is Thomas L. Friedman and his book The World is Flat or check out this video of a lecture he gave at MIT some time ago.

Even if the world isn’t technically “flat”, the internet has certainly shown me that it’s small and interconnected now more than ever. Subsequently, I hope the best is yet to come and this extremely diverse “community” of online users will someday have the interests of each other in mind.


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