White Men Can Still Not Jump


“He that is of the opinion money will do everything may well be suspected of doing everything for money.” A wonderful quote from Benjamin Franklin that accurately sets the stage for the nature of this post.

With a bit of research on the world wide web, I believe the NBA could and should come to a timely solution for the current lock-out. A quick glance at some statistics on the current NBA owners average net worth or the fact that 12 of the current NBA owners are on a list of the Forbes 400 richest people in America, speaks to the fact that perhaps they could concede a bit of ground.

However, I feel no sympathy for the players either. Grabbing only a few statistics on average NBA player’s salaries, their hovering around a ya know, measly 5.15 million(NBA.com), the most of the major American sports. Here’s another site with some information on NBA player’s salary. Leading to the notion that the players may also have a few concessions to make.

Using the very same Google search engine or ways of gathering information online, the players and owners could run across some facts on the average teachers salaries by state or the average salary for all surgeons jobs in the United States. For teachers their best bet would be to take their talents to Illinois according to the figures. The surgeon average comes in a just over 300,000 which isn’t even as much as the NBA rookie minimum salary. The idea of comparable worth if applied here for me would indicated that teachers or surgeons are vastly under payed comparably and though it’s not the NBA’s job to correct such injustices. They might consider them in dealing with their own situation.

Just food for thought but just maybe both sides could remember it all really started with a hoop and a dream…

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  1. Hey Josh, I love your words here buddy. So much truth about a sport that really doesn’t do anything for the betterment of the world as a whole. I wish there was a way to get both owners and players aware of the facts you place in your post. I can honestly say I didn’t know most NBA owners were on the list of the 400 richest people in the, but it doesnt surprise me. I wonder what it would look like if any player or owner actually cared that the minimum salary of either was way more than anyone who actually made a difference in the world. Rather than someone who pretends to care because there team PR person says they should. Not that I am much better, but by Western standards I am in a much lower economic bracket than say an NBA player. What would their world look like of we stopped caring about the? We give them their power and money. I know it will never happen because as a society we could never stop worshipping our idols of sports stars (myself included), but I am left wondering what it would look like.

    • Thanks Matt,
      First and foremost I appreciate the continued support. You raise some interesting points that are difficult to answer because I believe your right. The american society has been seemingly built around the power of money or at the very least the perception of power money can give you. I don’t think it simply applies to athletes but has deeper roots in american culture and may very well be the basis of the american dream. Everyone is striving for individual wealth in the form of income and has chosen to put aside the value or personal wealth that may be derived from giving back or working together. In short, I think their world would look ideal because obviously we are both speaking in terms of hypothetical abstracts where all is well and equal. Someday we may live in this society but for the time being I too will fall victim to the same idol worshiping as you sir.

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