The Good, The Bad, and The Unstoppable


The eventuality of technology is evolution regardless of how you look at it, it’s unstoppable. So while even though this may be old news to some degree or something that has continued to evolve into an increasingly complex problem that begs and even more complex solution.  Illegal music downloading or P2P file sharing are only a few examples of countless obstacles facing modern businesses with advent and development of new forms of file sharing.

Here’s a blog post I found interesting about whether or not downloads are really killing the music industry or if its actually something else. Although, in the interest of presenting this information in an unbiased way. Here’s more information on music piracy directly from the RIAA or The Recording Industry Association of America or the major music companies.

Obviously it’s a matter of opinion as to where you stand on this issue but it’s good to gather as much information as you can before formulating this opinion. Including anything you can find regarding currently pending/recently passed legislation or laws in the works to change the make-up of the internet or online access. For example the Protect IPA act or SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and how such legislation may change/restructure the future of online sharing or for the specific nature of this post, P2P sharing and illegal music downloading.

Personally, I believe these obstacles are a necessary evil for such industries or businesses to face. In order to genuinely improve or progress the quality, relevancy, and practicality of the product or products they produce. As it is with evolution; “only the strong will survive.” Not to mention, there are a formidable amount of dangers facing indivuals who partake in piracy. Such as the potential for viruses or trojans and the like. The  risk of being caught and punished by some governing body if on a large enough scale. Poor quality files and intentionally mislabeled files to gain downloads or increase interest.

Industries and organizations should be obligated to manipulate the make-up of their business model and methods or techniques for producing profits in response to changes and a volatile economy. Rather than being able to manipulate the make-up of the legislation or laws effecting online access or the internet. Consumers should be allowed to use their available resources to the fullest extent in obtaining a company’s product or products. Their job is to sell it too them.

I’d love to know what anyone thinks? Potential solutions? Questions for me? Concerns and comments are encouraged, please keep the conversation moving.

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