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In the interest of expanding the “personal brand” and keeping the blog fresh, interesting, and just a bit more unique. I hope to soon add a film recommendations or movie reviews page. I’m not certain or not if my generation has a strong connection with some of the great films of past decades or not and i’d love to offer a young perspective on seemingly timeless classics.

I will be doing them in the form of videos and I am absolutely open to suggestions or recommendations from others as well. I think I have something of an adept sense of movies and what makes a good one. Certainly these reviews will be completely subjective and entirely open to interpretation.




Who doesn’t love Google? No really? If you don’t i’d love to know why or the specifics. I myself find their services extremely helpful and interesting. I mean what can’t they do? They pretty much have an answer for everything and even coined a phrase; “Google it.” I genuinely hope the best is yet to come and they still got plenty more in store. So here’s to you Goggle and your profitability.

With this in mind, I’ve always been somewhat curious as to how Google was so successful and profitable as I thought of them as simply getting their start as a search engine and expanding accordingly. Upon researching it, the answer was actually quite simple and not at all surprising. They were using a simple and timeless strategy to drive revenue and allow themselves to expand their reach and services.

Below is an infographic all about Google and an in depth look at their profitability and the major source of revenue driving their success. This is simply advertising and the revenues they generate from allowing other companies to market through their websites or services. As is generally the case Goggle has the answer and I think that someone could easily use Googles techniques for success to make themselves or their corporation extremely profitable.

One Flew Over The Bukoo’s Nest


Considering I was born in raised in Reno, Nevada and have relatives in the “sin city.” I thought it might be interesting to do a post about internet gambling and the web strategy that they’ve employed and how they’ve clearly been quite successful in both a legal and illegal ways.

Fairly recently 3 of the major poker sites have been charged with fraud as indicated in this article. However, something that’s fairly interesting about the article and the case; is the amount of money that was involved. Roughly $3 billion or more is in question. So I think it’s safe to say that even though they may have been doing many things illegally there may be some interesting and lucrative things we can learn from the way they used their available online resources.

No matter how you slice it the pie that is profits for internet gambling is big! I was interested to find some statistics on online casinos and internet gambling and I stumbled upon the infographic you see below. Clearly it’s an industry that’s still growing as well. Obviously gambling is something of a niche market and they have a very unique business model.They use the same online marketing techniques and social networking avenues as small business and other business models.