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They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself. - Andy Warhol



In the interest of expanding the “personal brand” and keeping the blog fresh, interesting, and just a bit more unique. I hope to soon add a film recommendations or movie reviews page. I’m not certain or not if my generation has a strong connection with some of the great films of past decades or not and i’d love to offer a young perspective on seemingly timeless classics.

I will be doing them in the form of videos and I am absolutely open to suggestions or recommendations from others as well. I think I have something of an adept sense of movies and what makes a good one. Certainly these reviews will be completely subjective and entirely open to interpretation.




Who doesn’t love Google? No really? If you don’t i’d love to know why or the specifics. I myself find their services extremely helpful and interesting. I mean what can’t they do? They pretty much have an answer for everything and even coined a phrase; “Google it.” I genuinely hope the best is yet to come and they still got plenty more in store. So here’s to you Goggle and your profitability.

With this in mind, I’ve always been somewhat curious as to how Google was so successful and profitable as I thought of them as simply getting their start as a search engine and expanding accordingly. Upon researching it, the answer was actually quite simple and not at all surprising. They were using a simple and timeless strategy to drive revenue and allow themselves to expand their reach and services.

Below is an infographic all about Google and an in depth look at their profitability and the major source of revenue driving their success. This is simply advertising and the revenues they generate from allowing other companies to market through their websites or services. As is generally the case Goggle has the answer and I think that someone could easily use Googles techniques for success to make themselves or their corporation extremely profitable.

One Flew Over The Bukoo’s Nest


Considering I was born in raised in Reno, Nevada and have relatives in the “sin city.” I thought it might be interesting to do a post about internet gambling and the web strategy that they’ve employed and how they’ve clearly been quite successful in both a legal and illegal ways.

Fairly recently 3 of the major poker sites have been charged with fraud as indicated in this article. However, something that’s fairly interesting about the article and the case; is the amount of money that was involved. Roughly $3 billion or more is in question. So I think it’s safe to say that even though they may have been doing many things illegally there may be some interesting and lucrative things we can learn from the way they used their available online resources.

No matter how you slice it the pie that is profits for internet gambling is big! I was interested to find some statistics on online casinos and internet gambling and I stumbled upon the infographic you see below. Clearly it’s an industry that’s still growing as well. Obviously gambling is something of a niche market and they have a very unique business model.They use the same online marketing techniques and social networking avenues as small business and other business models.

As Google As It Gets


In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last 50 years, there’s a little company known as Google that’s been changing the way the world uses the internet and constantly expanding its services seemingly by the second. Having just recently thrown its hat into the ring of available social media/networking sites. I wanted to take a look at the service Google became known for and what exactly it is that happens when you use Google’s search engine. Even though Google is somewhat secretive about the whole process.

I mean how in the world would someone find this blog when i’m done writing it? How does Google decide what information goes to the top of their searches? What do they consider relevant or reliable search results?  There’s so many questions that arise in relation to the way Google works it occurred to me…

What better place to find information on Google than Google!

This video is included in Google’s about section and attempts to relay just exactly what it is that happens when you search something on their site. As is this quote, “Search is how Google began, and it’s still at the heart of what we do today. We devote more engineering time to search than to any other product, because search can always get better and faster at helping you find what you want, when you want it, where you want it.”

But just in case the video straight from Google’s about section wasn’t enough!! Below I’ve included a cool infographic I came across with additional information about how a Google search works! I would love to know how everyone uses Google and its many applications. Thoughts about this colossal search engine and its future. Feel free to share anything relative to this discussion and if your not sure where to start, Google it!

The Black Dawn


With this year’s “Black Friday” just having come and passed I think it’s safe to say the love for this kind of consumerism is alive and well. I work two jobs in the retail industry and spent eight hours dealing the with hustle and bustle of people clamoring to save a few dollars.

Wondering all the while, is it really worth it? Do the savings justify the irrationality of individual’s actions? How has “Black Friday” changed since its inception into American culture? Pretty much a ton of questions about the people who partake in the festivities, corporations offering the savings, and almost anything relative to this ridiculousness.

Although, not everyone is a fan, with the advent of social media/networking there are individuals who are strongly outspoken against the hysteria this event entails and tracking the places or stuff consumers are purchasing has become easier than ever. Online shopping and other internet consumer-to-consumer corporations like eBay have also reshaped and restructured this yearly “event” in numerous ways for both the better and the worse.

All of this made me curious to find some interesting statistics on” Black Friday,” so here’s a link to a HubSpot blog with this in mind. In addition to these statistics, below is an infographic with some more fascinating information on the strangest day of the year.

I would love to know what anyone else thinks about anything here and “Black Friday” in general. Please feel free to share your comments, questions, or concerns.

Close Encounters of the Online Kind


An interesting and increasingly effective online business model or strategy is that of online fantasy sports. Somewhat ludicrously, I can’t attest to the appeal of fantasy sports as I am currently partaking in five fantasy football leagues. A few of which are admittedly for a small of sum of money. But to begin here’s a blog post on the history of fantasy sports and it’s adoption by sports journalists. 

So what exactly is it about fantasy sports that makes them increasingly relevant? What are their online marketing or techniques for success? Do you think it’s possible to manipulate their models for your own organization’s or individual success? Are their other successful online strategies I should be researching?

Fantasy sports seemingly offers a unique blend of offline and online application in certain circles. Assuming you do a live draft with friends and regularly discuss the leagues goings-on but also manage your squad on one of the many online fantasy sports services like ESPN or Yahoo. Furthermore, fantasy sports capitalizes on the mobile market as well as the numerous social media/networking avenues and continues to strive to be more user friendly. Fantasy sports services also continue to find ways to expand their services and offer complementary products like insights you can purchase from “fantasy experts” on how to manage your squad.

Below is an interesting infographic with a little information on the economics of fantasy sports and some surprising figures associated with the profitability or spending on fantasy sports and sports sites. Certainly in assessing the approach of other successful online business models like fantasy sports, there are online marketing tactics or online  techniques that can be applied to your own organization’s success or personal branding. Don’t be afraid to research and analyze profitable online markets as a means of  adapting to the changing modern business climate.

Reno/Sparks Confidential


Having been born and raised in the “Silver State”, its safe to say we’ve seen better years. Aside from the continued tough economic times and general hardships facing most Americans. Nevada has had to deal with numerous unexpected tragedies this past year. We’ve seen the untimely passing of countless individuals and i’d like to take the chance with this blog to reflect or offer my condolences and pay respects to these individuals or anyone dealing with the loss of their home or loved ones these holidays.

For anyone who reads this post, I hope that if only for a moment you have a reason to smile. “To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering. Rejoicing in our joy, not suffering over our suffering, makes someone a friend.” These are a few quotes from Friedrich Nietzsche that serve to convey my willingness in acting as a friend to anyone in this time of need. The cities of Reno/Sparks where I reside and for that matter the entirety of Nevada should attempt to pick each other up on its shoulders.  Increasingly random acts of kindness throughout the state may be just what the doctor ordered.

So if you live in the state of Nevada, don’t be afraid to show a little compassion for your neighbors and fellow residents because you never know what they’re going through. As a”battle born” state we should look to help each other battle through these difficulties rather than going through it all alone. The gift that will keep on giving this holiday will be respect and understanding for one another. Once more, my prayers, thoughts, and feelings go out to anyone who has been affected by these tragedies and my new year’s wish will be that my state has a better year!