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Who doesn’t love Google? No really? If you don’t i’d love to know why or the specifics. I myself find their services extremely helpful and interesting. I mean what can’t they do? They pretty much have an answer for everything and even coined a phrase; “Google it.” I genuinely hope the best is yet to come and they still got plenty more in store. So here’s to you Goggle and your profitability.

With this in mind, I’ve always been somewhat curious as to how Google was so successful and profitable as I thought of them as simply getting their start as a search engine and expanding accordingly. Upon researching it, the answer was actually quite simple and not at all surprising. They were using a simple and timeless strategy to drive revenue and allow themselves to expand their reach and services.

Below is an infographic all about Google and an in depth look at their profitability and the major source of revenue driving their success. This is simply advertising and the revenues they generate from allowing other companies to market through their websites or services. As is generally the case Goggle has the answer and I think that someone could easily use Googles techniques for success to make themselves or their corporation extremely profitable.


One Flew Over The Bukoo’s Nest


Considering I was born in raised in Reno, Nevada and have relatives in the “sin city.” I thought it might be interesting to do a post about internet gambling and the web strategy that they’ve employed and how they’ve clearly been quite successful in both a legal and illegal ways.

Fairly recently 3 of the major poker sites have been charged with fraud as indicated in this article. However, something that’s fairly interesting about the article and the case; is the amount of money that was involved. Roughly $3 billion or more is in question. So I think it’s safe to say that even though they may have been doing many things illegally there may be some interesting and lucrative things we can learn from the way they used their available online resources.

No matter how you slice it the pie that is profits for internet gambling is big! I was interested to find some statistics on online casinos and internet gambling and I stumbled upon the infographic you see below. Clearly it’s an industry that’s still growing as well. Obviously gambling is something of a niche market and they have a very unique business model.They use the same online marketing techniques and social networking avenues as small business and other business models.

The Black Dawn


With this year’s “Black Friday” just having come and passed I think it’s safe to say the love for this kind of consumerism is alive and well. I work two jobs in the retail industry and spent eight hours dealing the with hustle and bustle of people clamoring to save a few dollars.

Wondering all the while, is it really worth it? Do the savings justify the irrationality of individual’s actions? How has “Black Friday” changed since its inception into American culture? Pretty much a ton of questions about the people who partake in the festivities, corporations offering the savings, and almost anything relative to this ridiculousness.

Although, not everyone is a fan, with the advent of social media/networking there are individuals who are strongly outspoken against the hysteria this event entails and tracking the places or stuff consumers are purchasing has become easier than ever. Online shopping and other internet consumer-to-consumer corporations like eBay have also reshaped and restructured this yearly “event” in numerous ways for both the better and the worse.

All of this made me curious to find some interesting statistics on” Black Friday,” so here’s a link to a HubSpot blog with this in mind. In addition to these statistics, below is an infographic with some more fascinating information on the strangest day of the year.

I would love to know what anyone else thinks about anything here and “Black Friday” in general. Please feel free to share your comments, questions, or concerns.

Reno/Sparks Confidential


Having been born and raised in the “Silver State”, its safe to say we’ve seen better years. Aside from the continued tough economic times and general hardships facing most Americans. Nevada has had to deal with numerous unexpected tragedies this past year. We’ve seen the untimely passing of countless individuals and i’d like to take the chance with this blog to reflect or offer my condolences and pay respects to these individuals or anyone dealing with the loss of their home or loved ones these holidays.

For anyone who reads this post, I hope that if only for a moment you have a reason to smile. “To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering. Rejoicing in our joy, not suffering over our suffering, makes someone a friend.” These are a few quotes from Friedrich Nietzsche that serve to convey my willingness in acting as a friend to anyone in this time of need. The cities of Reno/Sparks where I reside and for that matter the entirety of Nevada should attempt to pick each other up on its shoulders.  Increasingly random acts of kindness throughout the state may be just what the doctor ordered.

So if you live in the state of Nevada, don’t be afraid to show a little compassion for your neighbors and fellow residents because you never know what they’re going through. As a”battle born” state we should look to help each other battle through these difficulties rather than going through it all alone. The gift that will keep on giving this holiday will be respect and understanding for one another. Once more, my prayers, thoughts, and feelings go out to anyone who has been affected by these tragedies and my new year’s wish will be that my state has a better year!

The Good, The Bad, and The Unstoppable


The eventuality of technology is evolution regardless of how you look at it, it’s unstoppable. So while even though this may be old news to some degree or something that has continued to evolve into an increasingly complex problem that begs and even more complex solution.  Illegal music downloading or P2P file sharing are only a few examples of countless obstacles facing modern businesses with advent and development of new forms of file sharing.

Here’s a blog post I found interesting about whether or not downloads are really killing the music industry or if its actually something else. Although, in the interest of presenting this information in an unbiased way. Here’s more information on music piracy directly from the RIAA or The Recording Industry Association of America or the major music companies.

Obviously it’s a matter of opinion as to where you stand on this issue but it’s good to gather as much information as you can before formulating this opinion. Including anything you can find regarding currently pending/recently passed legislation or laws in the works to change the make-up of the internet or online access. For example the Protect IPA act or SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and how such legislation may change/restructure the future of online sharing or for the specific nature of this post, P2P sharing and illegal music downloading.

Personally, I believe these obstacles are a necessary evil for such industries or businesses to face. In order to genuinely improve or progress the quality, relevancy, and practicality of the product or products they produce. As it is with evolution; “only the strong will survive.” Not to mention, there are a formidable amount of dangers facing indivuals who partake in piracy. Such as the potential for viruses or trojans and the like. The  risk of being caught and punished by some governing body if on a large enough scale. Poor quality files and intentionally mislabeled files to gain downloads or increase interest.

Industries and organizations should be obligated to manipulate the make-up of their business model and methods or techniques for producing profits in response to changes and a volatile economy. Rather than being able to manipulate the make-up of the legislation or laws effecting online access or the internet. Consumers should be allowed to use their available resources to the fullest extent in obtaining a company’s product or products. Their job is to sell it too them.

I’d love to know what anyone thinks? Potential solutions? Questions for me? Concerns and comments are encouraged, please keep the conversation moving.

Dirty Sandusky


Though the actions of ex-Penn State Coach Jerry Sandusky may not have had an actual body count. The destruction and devastation he has brought to, an as of yet undetermined amount, of individuals lives both directly and indirectly has and will continue to bring misery for years to come. Essentially, the onset of this news was like dropping a nuclear bomb on Penn state University and the collateral damage continues to mount.

Correspondingly, as Harry S. Truman once said; “It is understanding that gives us an ability to have peace. When we understand the other fellow’s viewpoint, and he understands ours, then we can sit down and work out our differences.”

On the other hand, a common theme I’ve found in this whole scandal is a general unwillingness to step forward and be held accountable for your actions.

I simply find myself amassing far more questions and concerns than being provided answers and punishments. Considering the NCAA has only handed out the “death penalty” or revoked a universities ability to compete in a sport for a year five times, for far less egregious actions, I think Penn State deserves no less. Here’s another good article with some college sports misconducts that received seemingly much worse punishments then Penn State has as of yet been hand. I support the sentiments of this article regarding what they should do with the Penn State Football program.

Absolutely I support the firing of Joe Paterno and any individual who was involved with this situation or had any knowledge of it’s occurrence within the organization.

Here’s a link to a video timeline of the Penn State Scandal as provided by Sports Illustrated. YouTube also has a number of solid videos on the recent riot at Penn State in reaction to Joe Paterno’s firing as well the entirety of these events as they unfold. Below is one I found somewhat interesting myself and offer to way in with your own thoughts and opinions. Please let me know what you think and keep the discussion going.

White Men Can Still Not Jump


“He that is of the opinion money will do everything may well be suspected of doing everything for money.” A wonderful quote from Benjamin Franklin that accurately sets the stage for the nature of this post.

With a bit of research on the world wide web, I believe the NBA could and should come to a timely solution for the current lock-out. A quick glance at some statistics on the current NBA owners average net worth or the fact that 12 of the current NBA owners are on a list of the Forbes 400 richest people in America, speaks to the fact that perhaps they could concede a bit of ground.

However, I feel no sympathy for the players either. Grabbing only a few statistics on average NBA player’s salaries, their hovering around a ya know, measly 5.15 million(, the most of the major American sports. Here’s another site with some information on NBA player’s salary. Leading to the notion that the players may also have a few concessions to make.

Using the very same Google search engine or ways of gathering information online, the players and owners could run across some facts on the average teachers salaries by state or the average salary for all surgeons jobs in the United States. For teachers their best bet would be to take their talents to Illinois according to the figures. The surgeon average comes in a just over 300,000 which isn’t even as much as the NBA rookie minimum salary. The idea of comparable worth if applied here for me would indicated that teachers or surgeons are vastly under payed comparably and though it’s not the NBA’s job to correct such injustices. They might consider them in dealing with their own situation.

Just food for thought but just maybe both sides could remember it all really started with a hoop and a dream…