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One Flew Over The Bukoo’s Nest


Considering I was born in raised in Reno, Nevada and have relatives in the “sin city.” I thought it might be interesting to do a post about internet gambling and the web strategy that they’ve employed and how they’ve clearly been quite successful in both a legal and illegal ways.

Fairly recently 3 of the major poker sites have been charged with fraud as indicated in this article. However, something that’s fairly interesting about the article and the case; is the amount of money that was involved. Roughly $3 billion or more is in question. So I think it’s safe to say that even though they may have been doing many things illegally there may be some interesting and lucrative things we can learn from the way they used their available online resources.

No matter how you slice it the pie that is profits for internet gambling is big! I was interested to find some statistics on online casinos and internet gambling and I stumbled upon the infographic you see below. Clearly it’s an industry that’s still growing as well. Obviously gambling is something of a niche market and they have a very unique business model.They use the same online marketing techniques and social networking avenues as small business and other business models.