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The Unusual Suspects


Although I myself am not an individual who is money motivated or looking to translate blogging into some sort of instrument for achieving lucrative ends. Andy Warhol’s sentiments resonate within my subconscious,  “Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.” So I wouldn’t consider it inconceivable to actualize a small fortune by aptly capitalizing on the multitude of online provisions available at my disposal. Simply considering a list of top young entrepreneurs and how they became wealthy. Using the internet to make money actually seems quite plausible and as if it’s a matter of finding one’s niche. Admittedly there is presumably a generous amount of work that coincides with attaining a high level of success at an individual level on the internet. Nevertheless, if your working to improve your own well-being it should be work you want to do anyway.

Looking beyond the scope of personal achievement I would also like to impress upon the importance of small businesses utilizing their available online resources to promote sales. Whether it’s a matter of merely advertising or offering special online promotions there is plenty that can be done. Here’s a website called Hubspot that offers various reasons why small businesses should blog and covers an array of topics related to internet marketing. Learning to leverage social media in favor of your small business could be essential to its development and growth. Especially since almost all the available online avenues for marketing or branding are absolutely FREE  and after you get everything set up and running most of the rest of the work can be automated or easily manipulated.

Subsequently I would like to highlight a local business that not only do I frequent but has taken it upon themselves to garnish a strong online presence. Grassroots books developed a unique user-friendly website with connections to a majority of the major and minor social media/networking sites. Offering special online promotions and vigorously using the internet to develop customer relationships.

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