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Close Encounters of the Online Kind


An interesting and increasingly effective online business model or strategy is that of online fantasy sports. Somewhat ludicrously, I can’t attest to the appeal of fantasy sports as I am currently partaking in five fantasy football leagues. A few of which are admittedly for a small of sum of money. But to begin here’s a blog post on the history of fantasy sports and it’s adoption by sports journalists. 

So what exactly is it about fantasy sports that makes them increasingly relevant? What are their online marketing or techniques for success? Do you think it’s possible to manipulate their models for your own organization’s or individual success? Are their other successful online strategies I should be researching?

Fantasy sports seemingly offers a unique blend of offline and online application in certain circles. Assuming you do a live draft with friends and regularly discuss the leagues goings-on but also manage your squad on one of the many online fantasy sports services like ESPN or Yahoo. Furthermore, fantasy sports capitalizes on the mobile market as well as the numerous social media/networking avenues and continues to strive to be more user friendly. Fantasy sports services also continue to find ways to expand their services and offer complementary products like insights you can purchase from “fantasy experts” on how to manage your squad.

Below is an interesting infographic with a little information on the economics of fantasy sports and some surprising figures associated with the profitability or spending on fantasy sports and sports sites. Certainly in assessing the approach of other successful online business models like fantasy sports, there are online marketing tactics or online  techniques that can be applied to your own organization’s success or personal branding. Don’t be afraid to research and analyze profitable online markets as a means of  adapting to the changing modern business climate.


Totally Recalled


Influential American publisher and Time-Life creator Henry R. Luce once said “Business, more than any other occupation, is a continual dealing with the future; it is a continual calculation, an instinctive exercise in foresight.” Sentiments I believe are true now more than ever, in an age of instant news and information.

At a personal or individual level, one must exercise foresight in the creation and maintenance of their social media or networking content. Here is an interesting article on the effects the online information people are sharing(like photos on Facebook) is having on potential employment opportunities. There is clear evidence to support that employers are considering an individuals “online image” in the employment process. Most notably that if you have a strong online presence and good reputation it can have major positive implications in the hiring process. Simply exercising a certain degree of foresight before posting things online can go a long way.

Essentially the same principles can be applied within an organizational or corporate context. Everything the business posts or endorses online should be in line with their mission and vision. Unfortunately this calls for a degree of oversight on employees who directly represent the company, for fear of situations like the one outlined in this blog post by Peter Shankman. There should be an agreed understanding between the employer and employees as to what is acceptable online.

I’m not saying that you should be afraid to be yourself online but rather in generating any online content consider what message it really sends about you. Now with this said, i’d like to share a little online content myself and spotlight a local Reno hip-hop group called New Age. Check out their music and support your local artists.

New Age and New Age’s Facebook Page

Invasion of the Content Snatchers


What’s the point of creating or sharing all this content if your not going to try and get it out to as many people as possible?

Ask yourself who is my audience? How can I drive viral traffic? or how are they sharing my content? If you find that you don’t know the answer to any of these questions or would merely like to have as much insight as you possibly can, I would recommend you check out a site called addthis. Consider implementing it into your own blog or personal website. The below video can explain what it is and does.

But it’s more than merely knowing about the sharing of your own content. I believe it is important to know about what platforms are growing sources of content sharing and how people are using social media/networking and get involved in some facet or another. These are some statistics gathered from the aforementioned addthis website on how people were sharing in 2010.

Repertoire Dogs


As the average Nevada unemployment rate climbs to just over 13 percent that’s all the more reason to differentiate yourself from the competition. By adding a handful of social media or networking skills to your repertoire, your positioning yourself ahead of the curve. “Knowledge” of social media/networking is completely different from using these tools strategically and tactically for branding, revenue generation, customer service, and so on. Start by researching and applying these measures to your own life by virtue of what the theoretical physicist Albert Einstein once said, “Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience.”  With in-depth experience and training in these fields at a personal level you’ll have no trouble adapting these skills for usage within a corporate setting, for example with the use of social media as an internal means of communication.

Here’s a blog post about the various ways a business should or may use social media. Going off this, I would like to touch upon the importance of a business using these mediums to monitor both the public perception of their brand and up to date information or news in their industry. Social media can be invaluable in these regards because it’s a free forum for assessment of your company directly from your client base and a collection of the best and brightest minds in a vast amount of industries. For instance, Twitter has somewhere around 175 million users worldwide constantly engaged in the exchange of opinions and news. By avoiding the inevitable inclusion of social media/networking into your life or business model you are doing yourself a nearsighted injustice.

There are a number of available online resources to educate oneself on the means and methods of manipulating social media or networking for yourself or business(check my blogroll for starters). But if you live in Nevada and are looking for something with a physical location, I suggest you check out the Nevada Microenterprise Initiative. An organization I was introduced to while attending the universities volunteer fair and provides a complete range of programs, and services to help you in starting or expanding a small business.

Nevada Microenterprise Initiative

Dial M for Mobile


In an increasingly mobile technological world there is no time like the present to learn how to exploit the available accommodations. For instance as a Management major at the University of Nevada, Reno, I am often engaged in team or group activities that typically require a certain degree of accountability and  face-time. However, with the creation of Google applications like Google Docs, not only can you edit and share work with your entire group in real time but you can each work from seperate computers in different locations. Almost entirely eliminating the excuses of time or location constraints and allowing each individual member to offer much greater degrees of reinforcement for one another.

Therefore it may be in your best interest to take a peek at the current available line of Google Products, things they have in store, and great hidden features. While trying to devise a way you can use them to make your life easier and more convenient. Of course Google is only one of many innovative sources of mobile technology. Company’s like Apple are always looking to the future with things like this here. Nevertheless, wherever you come across these tools be sure to maximize their potential and share them with others. This will only increase the practical applicability of the tool.

Coincidentally this brings me to the part of the post where I share a local business or artist of personal interest who advocates or uses social media or networking. This time it is a local business that I came across while being a member of one of the aforementioned groups at the University of Nevada, Reno. American Arborists are your professional tree services specialists and understand the importance of online marketing to reach a much broader customer base.

American Arborists (Ask For Jeff@americanarborists.net)

The Unusual Suspects


Although I myself am not an individual who is money motivated or looking to translate blogging into some sort of instrument for achieving lucrative ends. Andy Warhol’s sentiments resonate within my subconscious,  “Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.” So I wouldn’t consider it inconceivable to actualize a small fortune by aptly capitalizing on the multitude of online provisions available at my disposal. Simply considering a list of top young entrepreneurs and how they became wealthy. Using the internet to make money actually seems quite plausible and as if it’s a matter of finding one’s niche. Admittedly there is presumably a generous amount of work that coincides with attaining a high level of success at an individual level on the internet. Nevertheless, if your working to improve your own well-being it should be work you want to do anyway.

Looking beyond the scope of personal achievement I would also like to impress upon the importance of small businesses utilizing their available online resources to promote sales. Whether it’s a matter of merely advertising or offering special online promotions there is plenty that can be done. Here’s a website called Hubspot that offers various reasons why small businesses should blog and covers an array of topics related to internet marketing. Learning to leverage social media in favor of your small business could be essential to its development and growth. Especially since almost all the available online avenues for marketing or branding are absolutely FREE  and after you get everything set up and running most of the rest of the work can be automated or easily manipulated.

Subsequently I would like to highlight a local business that not only do I frequent but has taken it upon themselves to garnish a strong online presence. Grassroots books developed a unique user-friendly website with connections to a majority of the major and minor social media/networking sites. Offering special online promotions and vigorously using the internet to develop customer relationships.

Grassroots Books Home Page